Taiso Fitness and Nutrition is Tacoma’s Gym for Personal Training or Group Fitness!

We are Tacoma’s fitness and nutrition gym for people who want to get out of pain or improve performance, who need immediate, measurable results, and want to make educated decisions to take control of their health.

SMALL GROUP CLASSES are limited to groups of eight. Like a bootcamp, it is a shared training experience. But it is different because each workout is structured with four levels progressing in difficulty from alignment, to stability, to strength, to power depending on the goals and fitness profile of the client. Each movement may be further refined based on the nervous system responses of the individual.

PERSONAL TRAINING sessions are highly focused on achieving a specific goal.  Once the specific needs of your nervous system are identified the client gets skill or movement drills to perform daily and with your workouts whether they are here or elsewhere.

SPORTS CONDITIONING AND INJURY PREVENTION sessions are focused on injury prevention, strength and conditioning under the specific demands of your sport. After age 12 most coaches need to focus on strategy and teamwork because that is what wins games. We focus on the continuos development of the individual athlete to compete at higher levels without career ending injury.  Sports conditioning may take place at our gym or on site with the team.

We Guarantee Measurable Results In the First Session!

We are the first and only gym with Z Health Trainers in the Tacoma area.  Functional MRI has given the world new insights into how the brain actually works. This capability is revolutionizing everything we thought we knew about the brains ability to change itself and the body. To learn more about Z Health and our approach to training watch this video.


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