Life in the concrete jungle can be tough on Homo Urbanis (urban man)!

We’re here to help! Our neurology-based fitness program will get you ready for the urban hike to work, hunting and gathering at the farmers market, or pushing your mower across your mini-savanna.

Stress of modern life takes it toll on all of us. Our Tacoma gym has small group classes and personal training that will get you fit, out of pain, and moving like the tribal warrior you were born to be.

When we started this journey we wanted Taiso Fitness to be different. Different than the big box gyms that everyone has a membership to, but never actually goes. Different than boot camp classes that assume everyone’s goals can be met, and current fitness is appropriate for, a one-size-fits-all class. And different than the highly effective, but costly, full-time one-on-one personal training.

So we created a gym experience in which your personal goals, and current fitness level are the foundation. Then a custom program is developed for you. You then execute that program with a group of 8 or less members while a coach is supervising and instructing. Then after a few weeks a new program is created for you.

We use a variety of skills and tools to get you to your goals safely. We use yoga, a variety of body-weight and gymnastic exercises, TRX, kettlebell, free-weights, etc… to be effective and to keep your program fun. And oh yeah, the place is CLEAN! That seems to be a big deal, because people always comment on it.

Schedule a free consult, try a free class, or a 21 Day Risk-Free Trial.

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tacoma gym personal training taiso fitness
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tacoma gym personal training taiso fitness