Now Located in the Proctor Business District

Taiso Fitness offers Tacoma an unparalleled small gym experience since 2010.
June 11th 10am-2pm Reality-Based Self Defense

$60 non-members SIGN-UP HERE. Space is limited.

How bad guys choose victims, the 3 things they want, and the 3 things they want to avoid.

How to use your innate physiological responses to your advantage, how to overcome victim mindset

How to control your immediate surroundings, how to spot danger, what decisions need to be made at 20 – 50′.

How to implement defense tools in a legally and morally responsible manner.

We are a small local gym looking for clients who value health and fitness as a way to explore, play, and enjoy life. We want to truly know our customers and know that the coaching we provide makes a difference in their lives.

We have always been active, but we haven’t always worked out. Why? Because working out just for the sake of working out leads to plateaus, boredom, and potential for injury. But working out to develop skills and movement patterns keeps things novel and challenging for your body and your brain.

When we have enjoyed the process, the people, and the coaching we have been much more consistent in our own lives. This is the experience we want to share with you. Movement without shame or judgement, that you look forward to, and allows you to more fully enjoy your life.

Play. Better.

Which program is right for you?

Group Programs

Program: Taiso Daily Workout
Format: Daily Workout with Group or Individually
Schedule: Weekdays 6am – 9am, M – Th 5pm – 8pm, F 4pm – 7pm, Sat 9am
Ideal Client: Any level of fitness interested in a varied program including bodyweight, TRX, kettlebell, free weights, and more.

Program: Jujutsu / Martial Arts
Format: Group Workout
Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 6:45pm, Friday 6pm, Saturday 8 – 10am.
Ideal Client: Interested in self defense and traditional martial arts.

Personal Training

Program: Fully Custom Program Design
Format: One-on-one program design executed in a group format
Schedule: Weekdays 6am – 9am, M – Th 5pm – 8pm, F 4pm – 7pm, Sat 9am
Ideal Client: Interested in high-quality pain-free movement
***The Program is Currently Full***

Program: Z Health Coaching
Format: One-on-one
Schedule: By Appointment
Ideal Client: Has suboptimal health, or wants to develop elite athletic performance.

Program: One-on-One Coaching
Format: One-on-One
Schedule: By Appointment
Ideal Client: Has specific goals or challenges, wants additional accountability