In Tacoma looking for a gym, personal trainer, or small group alternatives to a bootcamp? Maybe TRX, Z health, or Pink Gloves?

Welcome to Taiso Fitness and Nutrition. We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wellness, so we offer different tools based on your goals, your current fitness level, and what you enjoy.

Over the past five years our Small Group Classes have been the core of our program. They are a great alternative to boot camp classes because the groups are limited to eight participants. This ensures the trainer is able to give a level of service and attention much more like shared personal training. Each component of the workout is presented with several levels of difficulty ranging from alignment to stability to strength to power and modified for your needs.

A spinoff of the Small Group Classes are our Action Hero Programs. These are 16 Week programs that emphasis an aspect of fitness such as strength, endurance, or agility. Each program is themed around a pair of iconic action heroes from movies or TV and have two key differences from the small group classes. First, they have a greater level of modification in order to provide longer term correction for any movement  or compensation issues the client has. And second, they are not tied to class schedules so they do not have to start at the top of the hour. This is a great option for people with commutes that are unpredictable.

Some people have a preference for Personal Training. We have four Tacoma personal trainers available throughout the week, each with a unique background and focus. Personal trainers are a great way to get started, to break through a difficult plateau, or to provide individualized motivation and accountability.

Z Health Movement Coaching is what has always distinguished us from any other gym or trainer in Tacoma. Z Health is a brain-based system to achieve remarkable, immediately measurable results in the body. We are able to test every movement, balance, eye or dietary change immediately to know what works for you.

RESOLUTE is The Step By Step Weight Loss Program For People Who Do Not Respond To Dieting. RESOLUTE nutrition classes are FREE to everyone on the first Saturday of every month. The RESOLUTE classes are an opportunity to learn more about how the brain dictates our success or failure concerning stress, habits, and change, and how to use that information to achieve success.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a great class to change up your workout and try something different. We offer these classes for a low-cost drop in fee or a punch card option.

We are the Tacoma location for the Pink Gloves Women’s Boxing Class. This is a high-energy fun class in which the ladies perform all the techniques, conditioning, and bag work of boxing but without getting hit.

We are also the host to the Samurai Martial Arts Tacoma program. This program offers self-defense, jujutsu, ninjutsu, and traditional sword and staff classes for teens and adults. It is not a competition or sport form. It is centered on realistic self protection and self development.

We Guarantee Measurable Results In the First Session!

We are the first and only gym with Z Health Trainers in the Tacoma area.  Functional MRI has given the world new insights into how the brain actually works. This capability is revolutionizing everything we thought we knew about the brains ability to change itself and the body. To learn more about Z Health and our approach to training watch this video.


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